Decorative finishes or Faux finishes can add a touch of elegance to your home. Decorative finishes & Textures have been used for many years to produce a distinctive look. Today we would like to talk about some of the many finishes that are popular among today’s homeowners.

  • Marbling: This is one of the most beautiful faux wall finishes. It can have a big impact on both walls & furniture by using paint to create the look of marble exuding richness & sophistication.
  • Venetian Plaster: Another faux painting technique. This plaster is made from lime putty & crushed marble, then tinted to create a range of different colors. Very similar to Marble & Natural Stone.
  • Color Washing: Originated from the late 20th century & became popular in Italy, particularly on Tuscan walls. This decorative finish includes using paint thinned with glaze to create a subtle wash or mix of colors over the wall where brush strokes show through.
  • Antiquing: A popular modern finish, also known as Distressing, or creating a weathered look. In antiquing, the goal is to use colors, techniques & accents to make a wall, surface or piece of furniture look older than it is. One form of antiquing called “Crackle Glaze” is where you create a weathered look that looks like the surface is aging & cracking.
  • Sponging & Ragging: This technique is made by dabbing wet paint with sponges or rubbing it with rags. You can create a broken color effect that adds texture & a unique design.

Types of Drywall Textures for Your Homes Pleasing Appearance: We will be talking about the different types of Drywall Textures Ford’s Quality Painting uses most often.

  • Skip Trowel: Is a very popular texture in many areas of the US. Most of the high – end homes have this very elegant texture that also has a Mediterranean flair to it as well. Skip Trowel has been around since the old lath & plaster day’s (Lath & Plaster is a building process used to finish mainly interior walls and ceilings) and is still a very desired texture till this day. It can give any room a unique, modern & elegant feel. It can be applied in a light, medium or heavy consistency, depending on the look you’re going for.
  • Knockdown Texture: It is a mottled texture, more intense than a simple flat finish, but less intense than Orange Peel or Popcorn Texture. The look is achieved by spraying, troweling or rolling drywall joint compound onto walls or ceilings to achieve stalactite-like peaks (stalactite is a type of formation that hangs in caves), then flattening the peaks with a knockdown knife. The resulting mottled, naturalistic texture adds dimensional visual impact while also handily hiding any surface imperfections.
  • Orange Peel: In terms of walls & painting, is a light texture that hides imperfections and blemishes, but without creating an obvious relief or pattern on the wall. This texture is very similar to an Orange Peel, smooth from a distance, but dimpled upon close inspection. Some people mistake Orange Peel for Knockdown. How can you tell the difference? As the name implies, knockdown is “knocked-down” with a large flat knife after being sprayed, whereas Orange Peel texture is left to dry as is. The globules (globules are a small drop of liquid) of mud on knockdown have been smoothed out but Orange Peel globules are left rounded. Also, Orange Peel usually covers the entire surface of drywall with a thin layer, so the underlying drywall doesn’t really show through. With Knockdown, usually, you can see very, very small areas of exposed drywall between the mud since the globs are larger.

There are many factors that you should consider when choosing drywall finishes & painting techniques for your home. The perfect finish of your wall is dependent on the function of the room & its décor.  

When it comes to drywall finishes, there is no one-fit solution for all. The preferences tend to vary greatly from people to people. But with some help from Ford’s Quality Painting, Kenny can help you by choosing the perfect Finish & Texture for your home. The correct drywall finish & painting technique can make a lot of difference on how the room looks.

On a Side Note: Summer is right around the corner! Is your house ready for Summer gatherings? Be on the lookout for my next blog: Preparing Your Home for Summer.