Is Your Home Ready for Summer Gatherings?

Summertime Vibes

Quality Over Price. Our name says it all: Ford’s Quality Painting! Better quality paint means you will paint fewer times over the years, and you’ll get better coverage when you do paint. When hiring professionals like us you will always have the best Quality when painting your home. Paint technology has improved dramatically in the past few years, with colors guaranteed to last longer than ever before. You may be tempted to skimp on paint to save money up front with a cheaper brand or company but you’re bound to have trouble and eventually pay more in the long run.

Why Summer Is the Best Time for Exterior Painting

Is it time to give your home a makeover with a fresh coat of paint? Do you need to spice up and renovate the way your home looks? Then it’s time to hire Ford’s Quality Painting to come and do it for you. Don’t wait until summer ends! Right NOW, is a great time to complete this project.


Summer is the perfect time for painting because it means no more rain and the weather is warm. Working during the hottest time of the year may seem difficult but it is definitely doable. We have a very professional & reliable team of painters who always ensures you will have the easiest & most relaxing time while we are painting your home. Sit back & Relax this summer while real pros come out & paint your home!


During the summer, you probably have a lot of things that you want to do around the house. Summer is the perfect time to take on these remodeling projects. While children are out of school & many parents or homeowners seem to have more time in the Summer to take on those larger projects around the house. Put aside the smaller projects for a weekend & schedule a Free Estimate this Summer with Ford’s Quality Painting. We would love to take on your project this Summer!


During the summer, flowers are blooming, and trees are blossoming. As the yard starts to look its best, it’s time for the house to follow. Painting the home can be a great way to update its curb appeal & ensure that the color fits the rest of the property appearance.

Sizzling Summer Paint Colors

When you hire Ford’s Quality Painting to paint the interior or exterior of your home, Mr. Ford will help you when choosing paint colors. Kenny is certified in Interior Design & Decorating. He can color match anything for you!

Many people love the traditional paint colors as in White! You can still make your house POP by using White. Sherwin Williams offers many White paint color pallettes. There is one that is perfect for this Summer just for you! Summer White says it all in its paint color name. You get traditional white with a burst of Summer too! Summer White is one of many Whites that Sherwin Williams has to offer. Its color is very unique. White & Pastel paints are clean & bright and will add a nice lightness to any space. One thing to think about when going with White paint colors is that White has many undertones ranging from warm to cool so be sure to compare them to see which paint color works best for your environment. This paint color is for Interior & Exterior.

Sherwin Williams has a paint collection called “Color Forecast” which is a mix of 42 paint colors that are then arranged into 6 unique color personalities, each leading to its own voyage. Shapeshifter is one of the paint color pallettes in the Color Forecast which include: Sky Blue, Elation (Violets Color Strip), Nugget (best way to explain this color, reminds me of Honey Mustard or light & creamy Gold), Extra White(Bright/Pure White), Endless Sea (Creamy Navy Blue), Celestial (Between Sky Blue & Periwinkle, it’s actually in the Purples color scheme) & Dark Night (Very Bold & Dark Navy Blue, Perfect for your front door or interior dining room).

When you choose us to paint your home or business, we help you at no extra cost when choosing the perfect paint colors for the interior & exterior of your home.

Ideas & Inspiration – “Make Your Home POP”

Ready to design a colorful home? Make your home POP with these few ideas. A home full of color seems to have a stronger heartbeat, inspiring creativity and conversation. Ready to make your home more inviting this Summer? You don’t necessarily have to bring a whole lot of designs into your home, but a few simple textures on your walls like adding faux finish on one wall in the dining room or adding a bold color in one of your rooms inside your home are catchy & fun which also add an inviting feel & spark up conversation with your next Summer gathering.

And those of you that are neutral lovers, you surely need a little color; here are some simple ways to in corporate more color in your homes…

Pillows, Blankets, Rugs, Curtains… These are all ways to provide color in your home without overloading the interior with bold walls. This way you can keep your neutral colors while adding a bit of FUN for this Summer into your home!

Try a patterned chair, a bright colored couch, colorful books and picture frames; you can start big or small, do what you’re most comfortable with. Add a few brightly colored dishes, or an artifact on the wall, and why not paint your kitchen island your favorite color? Another great option for your island in your kitchen is to Antique it. Antiquing – make (something) resemble an antique by artificial means.

Go for it, paint your cabinets, don’t think about resale value, live your life and make your home, well, your home.

Use textiles over neutrals to help your colors sing proudly!

While maintaining a very airy farmhouse aesthetic also incorporates beautiful pastels. You don’t need to paint your hutch a bright green, but definitely consider sage or dusty blue.

An arrangement of bright colors always seems to work best in a home with white walls; white walls make it easier overall to style a space, providing a blank canvas.

When it comes to Painting Contractors in Longview, TX and the surrounding areas, you can count on Ford’s Quality Painting. We hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that all our customers are completely satisfied with the work completed.
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