Is the thought of selecting the right paint colors for your home stressing you out? It doesn’t have to any longer. Get your paint colors right the first time with Ford’s Quality Painting. Owner Kenny Ford is certified in Interior Design & Decorating, and is always available to help you when choosing paint colors. Whether you need help color coordinating walls, or color coordinating with your floors, countertops, & cabinets, Kenny and his team will help you in coming to the perfect paint color resolution.

Residential Interior Paint Color Suggestions

There are many types of Spring colors to choose from, so the main point of consideration that we keep in mind here at Ford’s is to match your personal style. Are you leaning more towards Neutral colors? If so that is completely perfect for Springtime! Let us give you some insight on how to color match without it being over the top or too much of the same, but completely perfect. Here are some of our top favorite neutral color palettes to use for an entire household.

We have found in our over 30 years of experience, that Sherwin Williams paint is generally the best choice when it comes to paint quality. When you pair high quality supplies with our experience and attention to detail, you get amazing results! The Pottery Barn Collection at Sherwin Williams is one of many of our favorite paint palette selections. We will be naming a few of Kenny’s favorites in this article with some photos of the results. Whether you like more traditional lighter paint colors, or you like bold paint colors, you will find a mixture of both in this collection.They are all great paint colors to wake up your walls in any part of your home. Maybe your bedroom needs something a little lighter to make you feel less sleepy, or maybe your bathroom needs something a little brighter to give it that refreshing feel. With these paint colors you will be sure to refresh any room of your home in an effortlessly coordinating style!

If you’re more traditional you may want to stick with crisp looking white walls. SW 7705 Pure White is an astonishing & vibrant color. Not all white has to be plain jane, or boring. White can make a smaller sized room seem more open. Many people love an all white kitchen. We can even add a little pizazz to it by adding real finely hand detailed pin striping to your cabinets. It really makes it POP!

paint-color-sw7005- kitchen

SW 7005 – Photo from www.sherwin-williams.com

We absolutely love Gray! Especially if you’re one of those that love Shabby Chic or Rustic style. Gray could be the perfect color for your entire home. It would look great with white trim, or a darker trim like Walnut Wainscot. We wouldn’t necessarily go with a dark gray unless you are wanting to go with a Bolder look in your home. For a more inviting & welcoming feel Kenny would suggest going with something more like SW 7045 Intellectual Gray. Remember, the lighting in your room will depend on how bright or dark the paint color looks. When Kenny does a design consultation, he takes all of these factors into consideration before coming to the perfect interior design conclusion.

Living Room Painted in SW-70045 Photo from www.sherwin-williams.com

If you are wanting to refresh your bathroom to feel more like Springtime you may consider a pale pink paint on the walls as an option. There are many options for pink without the tone being too bright, with just enough pink in it to freshen up your house a bit. SW 6050 Abalone Shell is our choice for a fun, Springtime color for you! It could be used in a ‘girly girl’ bathroom or something cute for your little girl, or on occasions where you don’t want a pink paint that is too bold.


SW – 6050 shown here, photo from www.sherwin-williams.com

Exterior Paint Color Suggestion for Your Home

Let’s have a look at an option for the exterior of your home. Darker colors on the exterior can really make your home stand out and can also provide a ‘cleaner’ look. This one shown is painted on the exterior of a home and is called SW 2843 Roycroft Brass. It is the main color on the exterior of the house. It is very appealing to the eye and gives the house a more rustic or historic look. It can be paired with various other paint colors for your home. It’s a great paint color for any exterior or interior residence!


SW 2843 shown on the Exterior of a Home – photo from www.sherwin-williams.com

You will find that not only will a fresh coat of paint boost your curb appeal, but it will also help protect your home from the elements when applied by a professional painting contractor. Be on the lookout for our next article: 4 Reasons to Paint Your House This Spring!