Find out how the top 10 home improvements rank, plus get tips on maximizing the return at resale.

#1 Exterior Improvements

(Vinyl Siding, Paint or Updated Front Entry). All these exterior improvements are easy & affordable, plus they can make a home look more appealing. Paint color cards take the guesswork out of choosing the right color combination for doors, trim & siding. Here at Ford’s Quality Painting, Kenny is certified in Interior Design & Decorating so he can also help you when matching different paint colors for your home.

If you need columns to hold up a pergola, check salvage yards for unique historic columns. We can then make your historic columns look brand new but still antique or if you like the more modern style, Kenny can make them look like they were purchased brand new right off the shelf!

For an updated look, remove old awnings from windows or doors & swap damaged wrought iron railings for real wood supports for a more inviting entry. Ford’s Quality Painting also does wrought iron (Fencing & Decks). So, if you want to keep your wrought iron fencing or railings we can repair those for you to look brand new.

#2 Deck, Patio or Porch Additions

Do you have a bare, charmless porch? We can help you by giving it that special dramatic makeover by adding a pergola & columns.

Add eye-appeal with decorative planters on the front porch, patio & decks. Planters are an excellent way to add curb appeal to walkways, curbs & driveways leading up to your front door. Planters are versatile & eye catching, add a few to your porch today!

Give your courtyard an impressive entry with an inviting gate, lighting & mature plants. Most people while doing minor updates probably wouldn’t think of adding plants or new lighting, but small improvements like this will have a big impact at closing.

Camouflage unattractive a/c units with a wooden trellis & then we can paint or stain the wood to match the rest of your homes exterior.

#3 Landscaping

Not sure where to start? Local garden centers usually offer free design services.

A splash of color at the front of the house is an eye-catching plus. For maximum impact, use one color & vary the height of plants. Always use colors for which season of the year you will be trying to sell your home, but normally Pink, Purple, Yellow & Orange are safe colors to stick with all year around!

If your doorway is overwhelmed by greenery (bushes or small trees), it’s time to get out the sheers! Nobody wants a home that has nothing but big leafy green bushes covering up the front of the home. Replace overgrown shrubs with flowering foundation plants. You can mix heights & colors for a dramatic appeal.

A charming focal point like a walkway adds major value to your property. Many people love when there are solar lights that follow the walkway to your front door. It’s something easy that catches your eye & at night it has a great curb appeal to the home.

#4 Replacing Windows

Though replacing windows can be a bit of an investment, it’s one of the things that changes a home’s entire look & really catches someone’s eye when buying an older home. Have you noticed cold spots around the windows or heard a whistling sound when the wind blows? This means air is getting through & into your home which makes your energy bill higher. Replacing windows will beautify your home & improve curb appeal, while increasing the interior comfort level.

#5 Family Room Additions

Kenny & his crew does new builds too! They can add onto rooms or other areas of the house. A sunroom counts in the home’s square footage only when the room is heated & cooled year – round use. A sunroom adds value only in upscale neighborhoods. It really won’t bring in higher bids in the lower-end neighborhoods. An addition to any home shouldn’t be obvious. We can ensure you that it has an open transition. A wider interior doorway & more substantial steps visually connect the addition to the rest of the house. Want to add that dream kids room you have always wanted? Kenny can add on to whatever part of the house you want & make it look like it was always there & meant to be there.

#6 Bonus Room Updates

We can help you by converting a bonus room into a home office.

If you are selling, know your target market & decorate to please them. Families use bonus rooms differently than empty-nesters & singles. Start out by adding electrical outlets for computers, printers, lamps & more. Ford’s Quality Painting can build you a custom desk for your office or home.

If you have something antique & want us to refinish it, we can do that for you too! Kitchen cabinets or bookshelves can help organize the space above your desk and put a rolling filing cabinet underneath and then you can add glass doors for a finished look to any bookshelf.

Not sure what to do with the bonus room? Get decorating & design ideas with Ford’s Quality Painting owner, Kenny Ford.

#7 Minor Bathroom Remodel – Inexpensive Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Limit your tile. Tile gets expensive, especially when choosing between color & styles. Go with laminate flooring that looks like real tile. It’s very easy to clean & it looks very elegant. They have a lot of different styles & colors to choose from & you can stay within your budget.

Save on countertops. A popular trend is to splurge on Granite countertops. Because the bathroom counter is so small, the investment is often low compared to what you would spend on Kitchen countertops. So how can you save here? Look at the color. Neutral colors like tan, brown & light beige are more popular, which means they’re more expensive. Try pricing out a wider swath of colors.

Another way to save on granite is to buy a slab containing imperfections. The more visible the imperfections are, the cheaper the granite will be. Keep in mind that your sink basin will take up a lot of surface space, so if the imperfection is located where the sink or faucets will be then you won’t see it anyway!

Right now, one of the biggest trends are using old dressers or horse barrels as sink pedestals. You simply cut out the top of the dresser or barrel to accommodate a sink insert, cut into or remove interior drawers as necessary & cut holes in the back for plumbing. Ford’s Quality Painting can paint, glaze or stain to match the rest of your bathroom!

Paint. If you don’t have a lot to spend, then repainting will be the cheapest and, perhaps, the most effective way to give your bathroom a new look!

Update fixtures. Next, look at the little details. You can update a light fixture, sink faucets, towel racks & drawer pulls for a relatively small investment. Some of these items may seem insignificant but updating them can make a big difference in your bathroom’s look. Freshen up caulk & grout by just simply cleaning the grout & adding straight, clean lines of caulk around the tub & sink. You can add sparkle for a mere few dollars.

#8 Kitchen Remodeling

A minor kitchen remodel can include updating cabinet fronts & drawers, replacing the stove, countertops & flooring, installing a new sink and faucet, and painting.

For owners looking to add value to their homes, kitchen makeovers can provide a lot of bang for their buck. Just keep in mind that this type of renovation doesn’t come cheap, unless you are just wanting us to come in & touch up some paint & small repairs.

Brighten up your kitchen by sanding & painting existing cabinets, it’s much less expensive than buying new ones. Add decorator detail without the cost by changing drapes & window molding.

Ford’s Quality Painting also does pinstriping on cabinets, which adds a stunning & new look to your cabinets!

#9 Bedroom Remodel

From reinvented hand-me-downs to raising the roof, a fab bedroom is within reach no matter your budget.

Upgrading your bedroom’s existing windows or replacing blank walls with new windows will dramatically change the room’s appearance.

Update or Install new flooring. Change the look & feel of your bedroom by installing new flooring. Whether you choose hardwood, tile, laminate or carpet, new flooring allows you to start fresh with color & style that best suits your space.

Dressing the windows. The right window treatment will enhance both your home’s architecture & your personal style. Also, adding bedside lighting & tall lamps in your bedroom will enhance a peaceful, moody glow & it’s ideal for illuminating bedtime tasks.

Adding a focal point to your bedroom will not only add charm but it will also increase your home’s resale value. A fireplace would be ideally to have in your bedroom. It’s both charming & sophisticating! Fireplaces are easy to install & affordable.

#10 Living room updates – Décor

Details add dollars. Crown molding & new trim is always easy & inexpensive, it gives a room a crisp, clean finish that buyers love.

Adding modern lighting can make a living room more appealing. Glass & Metal are iconic materials in modern design. Create flair with a geometric light fixture & use abstract patterns for a touch of personality. If you are leaning more towards rustic & country appeal. We suggest you going with something Bronze & Antique with deer horns & hunting décor or even Texas Stars are a big country trend in homes right now! You can get a lot of ideas in Country Living Magazines too.

Another small invested trend in homes new or old is using shiplap for main walls in homes like Living rooms, Bedrooms or Bathrooms. Cheap & Easy. We can paint them or stain them any color you want! Shiplap can be modern, country or just about any look you are going with in your home.

Update the ceiling. Removing acoustics (also known as popcorn ceiling) is such a dramatic change! It makes the entire home look & feel brand new & fresh. Another good idea would be to add wooden beams or coffered ceiling. It’s a great way to incorporate ambient lighting in the form of recessed can lights.

Choose a soothing color palette. Calming colors are so popular right now! Nothing is as personal as color. There are 4 types of color schemes:

  • Monochromatic – uses tone on tone of the same color with the addition of white or black to lighten or darken the color. For example, blue can become a pale sky blue or dark midnight blue & all three hues of the same shade are used to make this effect.
  • Analogous – uses colors that appear next to each other on the other color wheel. For example, yellow will be used with green or orange, or blue will be used with green or purple. This creates a soothing palette.
  • Contrast – The contrast scheme is more dramatic. Here a triad of contrasting colors are used, such as yellow-orange, green-blue and red-purple. This introduces more color and energy into your home’s palette.
  • Complementary – Lastly, we have the complementary scheme where two opposing colors, such as blue & orange, are used together to create a dramatic, bold & high energy color scheme.

Before you make any major changes, ask Kenny about what people ask for the most when selling their home, then make those updates. Kenny has a treasure trove of knowledge about what people are looking for when buying a new or used home.

Be on the lookout for our next blog: Choosing Your Colors.